New Year’s Intentions

Happy New Year 2018!

How’s your new year so far? Hopefully everything goes well. Mine? It was great! I’ve spent first week in 2018 with my family. This year we decided to take a week annual leave which means we closed our food studio for business for a week. It was first time in 3 years since we opened kita+kita Food Studio. It was a good decision because we need to refresh our mind, body, and soul after such a hard work.

New year means new resolutions, agree? Well, to be honest, I’m so bad at new year’s resolutions. Every year I write down my resolutions and along the way I forget about the list and end up making (read: repeating) new resolutions. Talking about new year’s resolutions, I’ve been thinking for a while and this came across in my mind: “Do I really make right resolutions? doable resolutions? or I just put everything in the list without thinking further what matters to me most?”

This year I take different approach to my new year’s resolutions. I will start with making a list of INTENTIONS first, rather than straight forward to RESOLUTIONS. I believe every little thing we do is based on the intentions we have. If we have a good intention, then action will follow. What’s the difference between intentions and resolutions? For me personally, intentions are more mentally than physically. Intentions are in our mind, heart, and soul. Resolutions are more problem solving actions, what do we have to do and how we get there.

For me, a new year also means a new chance to start afresh & strong to live a better and healthier way of life, to sustain good habits and create a new ones, to remain positive and have a best attitude in facing challenges. So, hello 2018! Bring it on!

Care to share your new year’s resolutions? if so, please do not hesitate to write down yours in the comment


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