January: Work Smarter

Hello February!
How was your January? Mine was wonderful. I felt so energized and excited starting the new year. It’s kinda set the mood in everything, especially regarding to the work issues. Let say, I successfully did kick-off 2017 with lots of passion and positivity. 

What a new year without a resolution, right? This year my resolution is very simple: to reach a mindful life. The reason is based on my experience in 2016 which I struggled with. I lost focus easily and I didn’t find the right ‘yin & yang’. So, this year I have a plan making my life meaningful and fulfilling. 

What is mindfulness?

a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Thus, for me personally there are three steps to reach this state of mind:

  1. Making a realistic plan
  2. Working on that plan
  3. Reflect on the journey

My strategy is to break down the big theme into monthly sub-theme. In January, for example, the sub-theme is about Work Smarter. Why? Because I need to fix and improve my productivity and to stay away from procrastinating. 

After deciding on the sub-theme, I made the realistic plan based on the goal. In January, I need to boost my productivity so I made some strategies and worked this out.

  • The rules of  90 & 15 minutes 
  • Music to set the mood
  • Mobile work space

The rules of 90&15 minutes 

This was inspired by Gretchen Rubin, the author of The Happiness Project. She said that it was more productive to work for 90 minutes for each task and then having a break rather than a long hour without any break. She also suggested to allow yourself a well-deserved break (while working) only for 15 minutes. I’ve put this into action and I think it works really well. Kudos! 

Music to set the mood

I’m always a music person who love listening to music while working and studying. However, last year I was not that into music and kinda ditched it with silent noise, which I thought it would’ve made me more focused at work. I was wrong. I regret it. So, this year I put back the power of music into my daily life. I play songs on Spotify every single day. I can be so excited only by choosing the playlist… (my current faves are: 90s Love Song and Lagu Indonesia 2000an) hahaha And by bringing the music back into my life, my days seem happier and filled with so many positive vibes… which is perfect to set the mood for working. 

Mobile work space 

I usually tend to work at same place, either at the kita+kita Food Studio or at home. It bores me somehow. I think it’s because of the routines that kill the creativity. In January, I’ve tried few times working in coffee shops and I could work more productive and found few inspirations at the same time. So, I’ve decided to work mobile one day in a week and so far it works great.

With a little change in my life, I think that I’ve worked smarter in January. I also noted few things based on my reflection on this month’s sub-theme which I could progress in the next month.  I also gave myself a monthly reward: a new book, a new lipstick, and a ticket to a conference in March. Overall, I’m really happy doing things in January. That’s the most important matter, right?! Surely, it’s been a really great start for 2017. 


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