Me and My Grandma

I had a very close relationship with my late grandma. She was the nicest person I’ve known. She took me everywhere from arisan, persekutuan doa, pasar, ballet class, beauty salon. I went with straight hair and came home from the beauty salon with wavy hair… yes she got me a hair perm when I was just 3 years old. The best grandma ever, right! 

So when I found this book, I think it’s a great reading for my little one because she’s also very close with her grandmas. This book is surely a lovely bedtime story. And here’s the sneak peek from Me & My Grandma

Title: Me & My Grandma

Publisher: Helen Exley Giftbooks in Great Britain

Published in 2006

ISBN: 1-905130-65-1

Where to buy: Lotte Mart, Marvel City Surabaya

Price: Rp.58.000,-


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