Traveling with Your Baby Bump


Traveling is such an enjoyable activity, at least for me. I always love the idea going from one place to another. However, during my pregnancy, I find traveling is a bit challenging. Not only it takes most of your energy, but also your time and mind as well. A good plan and preparation before the travel date is always a great idea to ease the fuss while traveling with baby bumps.

During my pregnancy up to today, I’ve been traveling by plane back and forth quite often. From my 13 weeks pregnant to 28 weeks, I’ve been on plane 5 times. My doctor said if the pregnancy is going well, any pregnant women do not need to worry about traveling by plane, but he suggested to travel maximum up to 32 weeks. My first, second, and third flight were okay, but the fourth and fifth, I was so drained and exhausted, my feet were swollen and I had back pain. It was so uncomfortable to sit inside the plane though it was only 1 hour and 15 minutes journey. Thank God it didn’t give any bad effects on my pregnancy.

Based on my personal experience, here are some tips to make your journey a bit comfy.

Travel by Plane

  1. Consult the latest pregnancy condition with the doctors, at least a week before taking off and don’t forget to ask for a letter stated the week of pregnancy and the condition of your pregnancy.
  2. Come earlier. Spare at least 30 minutes earlier than your usual time to check-in because after checking in the check-in counter, you have to fill in the forms declaring that you’re pregnant. Some airlines (for example Air Asia) let their pregnant passengers to fill in the form at the check-in counter while other airlines (e.g. Garuda Indonesia) have their customer service counter.
  3. Ask the ground staff at the check-in counter to place you in the aisle seat and near to the toilet. Trust me, a beautiful view from the window is nothing compare to the urge to go to the toilet frequently.
  4. Bring a small pillow or cushion because it helps you a lot to reduce back pain during long hour journey
  5. Choose reputable airlines that gives more on the facilities and convenient rather than the cheaper price. Believe me, at this stage of your life (read: pregnancy), if you have to travel by plane, forget the budget airlines. Any pregnant women won’t stand with the delayed flight, noisy (and nosy) passengers, “jutek” cabin crews, no food & drink, no in-flight entertainment, and smelly planes.
  6. Do not worry about the metal detector. It’s safe for pregnant women
  7. Do not hesitate to ask the ground staff for a help to lift your baggage if you’re traveling by yourself
  8. Drink plenty of water
Week 26 - Jakarta to Surabaya
26 weeks – Jakarta to Surabaya
Surat Keterangan Terbang
Surat Pernyataan Hamil
Surat Keterangan Terbang
Surat Keterangan Terbang
Special Assistance Line - Garuda Indonesia give priority to passengers who need special assistance, including pregnant women
Garuda Indonesia Special Assistance Line at the Depature Gate Juanda International Airport, Surabaya – Garuda Indonesia give priority to passengers who need special assistance, including pregnant women

Travel by Car

  1. Always wearing the safety belt
  2. Choose the most comfortable seat in the car that gives you extra space for legs (important!)
  3. Take a break every 2 hours to stretch your body (esp. legs) by standing and take a brief walk
  4. Wearing adult diapers, especially if you know that you’ll be facing bad traffic jam
  5. Always bring small pillow/cushion to support you back.
  6. Bring relaxing CDs
  7. Drink plenty of water & bring snacks (in case you’re stuck in a bad traffic)
The 6 hour-trip to Bandung by car... Not recommended to any pregnant women!
The 6 hour-trip to Bandung by car… Not recommended to any pregnant women!

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