Pregnancy Music: Good for Mom & Baby


Some research studies show that there’s a correlation between listening music during pregnancy and the development of baby’s brain.

In fact, recent scientific research has shown that there are a number of benefits for both mom and baby associated with playing music during pregnancy. Music helps create a wonderful bonding experience for mom and baby, reduce stress levels during pregnancy, enhance the stimulation of your unborn baby’s growing brain, and improve sleeping patterns for a newborn baby. (source: The Benefit of Prenatal Music)

Based on my personal experience, I find listening to the music is a relaxing activity and it definitely can reduce stress. You know, pregnancy is quite stressful sometimes. I listen to almost anything musical, from radio, prenatal music on youtube, CDs, and concerts. Basically, anything that makes me relax and boost my mood. And I would like to share some of my favorites playlist from

Pregnancy Music – Mozart for Babies in the Womb – Classical Music Relax – Baby Bedtime Music

Pregnancy Music: Relaxing Piano Music for Labor & Music for Babies

Pregnancy Music: Relaxing Harp Music & Sooting Sounds for Pregnant Mother & Newborn Deep Sleep

Boyce Avenue Playlist

Enrich The Mind & Soul


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